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LifeLine Manifolds

Trouble Free Operation

BeaconMedæs Lifeline® manifolds are small in size, have superior flow rates, and eliminate the need for heaters.

Widest Applications

BeaconMedæs Lifeline® manifolds are available in a variety of configurations and gas services for gas cylinder and liquid container applications.

BeaconMedæs Lifeline® manifolds are available in 340 kPa (50 psig), 690 kPa (100 psig) and 1,240 kPa (180 psig) versions for whatever gas requirement you have.

Designed for the Long Haul

BeaconMedæs Lifeline® manifolds employ dome biasing to eliminate heaters and maximize flows, and are free of fluoropolymers in the high pressure headers for maximum safety.

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Manifold Types
lifeline manifolds
  • High Pressure x High Pressure
  • Liquid x Liquid
  • Liquid x High Pressure
lifeline reserve manifold
  • Reserve Manifold