Emergency Reserve Manifolds

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Emergency Reserve Manifolds

The HTM 02-01 style Emergency Reserve Manifold is used to support the main manifold and connected downstream of the manifold control panel.

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ESM - HTM2022
emergency supply manifold with two cylinders
  • Two cylinder emergency supply manifold complies to HTM22, C11 and HTM2022
  • 4 Bar, 7 Bar and 11 Bar pressures
  • Regulators comply with BS EN ISO 10524-2, test reports available on request
  • Test point (Gem 10) included as per code requirements
  • Extensions headers can be added to gain extra capacity
Modular Manifolds
  • Primary and Seconday headers can be added to gain extra capacity
  • Integral Non Return Valves
  • Rack and chain to hold cylinder(s)
  • Corner Connections made to custom length
  • Pin indexed, BSP, CGA and other country specific tailpipes available
  • Specially tailored tailpipes for local standards
  • Cupro Nickel material to help prevent work hardening 
Duplex Pressure Reducing Sets
duplex pressure reducing sets
  • Pressure reducing sets to regulate the higher pressure plant output to 4 bar suitable for medical use
  • Available for 1000 lpm, 2000 lpm or 3000 lpm flow rates as standard
  • Available for 11 bar inlet pressure or 7 bar inlet pressure
  • 11 bar to 7 bar options also available
  • Complete with isolating valves, relief valves and gauges
  • Oxygen compatible regulating sets available upon request
Simplex Pressure Reducing Sets
simplex pressure regulating set image
  • 7 bar to 4 bar simplex pressure regulating set complete with gauge, isolating valves and relief valve
  • Available for 1000 lpm, 2000 lpm or 3000 lpm flow rates as standard
Simplex Adjustable Pressure Reducing Sets
  • Simplex adjustable pressure reducing regulator for high pressure surgical air systems, to provide nominal 7 bar at the point of use, complete with 0-10 bar gauge