Mega2 Medical Gas Alarms

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Mega2 Medical Gas Alarms

MEGA2- BeaconMedæs’ Alarm Technology

The MEGA2 draws on the heritage of the very successful MEGA1. Retaining the many features users appreciated, the MEGA2 incorporates numerous updates users have suggested and which updated technology now permits.


If you use a Johnson Controls' Metasys BAS, only the MEGA2 offers the simplicity of direct compatibility as a Metasys Partner . Want to use another network protocol? MEGA will make that connection too!

Your Solution For Standard Compliance

MEGA2 is fully compliant with NFPA 99 2002, CSA Z-305.1/draft CSA 7396.

Electromagnetically Secure like Your Other Critical Patient Care Equipment

MEGA2 is listed to UL 1069, and has been electromagnetically tested to be acceptable under FCC Part 15 class B, plus EN 61326 for electromagnetic emissions and resistance.

Compact to Fit Where You Need It

A four and an eight module version covers the full spectrum of potential alarm configurations. Point and digital module styles are available.

Easy to Install

Panels are easy to wire and to test through the full size front panel. Setup is entirely accomplished at the panel.

Easy to Order

Available in wired (remote) sensor and piped (local) sensor variants, any mix of modules. Each panel includes at no added cost the MEGA network hardware and MEGA Network software for use with any PC. Multiple relays for BMS connection or remote actuation are standard.

Easy to Live With

MEGA2 allows adjustment of convenience items not found in other alarm designs such as display intensity, alert volume, and audio reinitiate.

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MEGA2 Medical Gas Alarm Specifications
Alarm Types
mega2 medical gas alarm
  • 4 gas panel
  • 8 gas panel
  • 5-point multisignal  board available
  • Retrofit available
MEGA2 Medical Gas Alarm
Pressure Switch Combination Units
medical gas alarm pressure switch
  • Gas specific 50-55 psig
  • Gas specific 100 psig
  • Gas specific 180 psig
  • Vacuum

Includes pressure switch, 2 1/2" pressure gauge, gas specific DISS demand valve